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Reasonable Living Expenses guidelines 2017

  • In accordance with Section 23 of the Personal Insolvency Act, the Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) has issued guidelines as to what constitutes a reasonable standard of living and reasonable living expenses (RLEs) effective from 31st of July 2017.
  • Since the previous update in 2016, the ISI has carried out some research in conjunction with the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice, to learn about the experience of debtors who are living within the RLEs on a day-to-day basis.  It has also consulted with creditors and other stakeholders to gain insight into how the RLEs were being operated in practice.   
  • In addition the ISI has reviewed the constituent parts of the RLEs and while some categories have changed, the overall effect of inflation has led to a very slight decrease in living expenses. 
  • Based on the above, the ISI has decided to maintain the RLE figures at their current level. 


1 Under the section 23 guidelines on a Reasonable Standard of Living and Reasonable Living Expenses, child benefit has already been deducted from living expenses of a child.  This is done on the basis that child benefit payments are intended to be spent on a child.  Failure to disregard child benefit payments from income of the debtor when preparing a proposal will effectively result in overstating the amount the debtor has available from which to make payments to creditors; the debtor will appear to have income despite the fact that this money has already been factored into the calculations of the expenses per child