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Official Assignee Costs

There are various expenses, fees and costs chargeable in bankruptcy cases as seen in SI No. 466 of 2013 - Supreme and High Court (Fees) (No.2) Order 2013 (PDF size 276KB). These fees are paid from the estate of the bankrupt and not paid by the bankrupt directly.

An example of expenses is where the Official Assignee advertises for creditors.

The Official Assignee will also charge an administration fee, which is based on gross asset valuation on a sliding scale

Gross Value of Assets  Administration Fee
< €10m  €2,000
€10m to €50m   €4,000
€50m to €100m  €6,000
€100m to €150m  €8,000
€150m +   €10,000

On selling an asset, the Official Assignee charges a set percentage on proceeds before the Official Assignee makes a payment to creditors.  This is called a ‘realisation fee’.

Value of Realisation   % of Realisation
Administration Fee Charged  0%
Next €1,500   100%
Next €6,500  50%
Balance up to €1,000,000  15%
€1,000,000 +    1%

 Where the Official Assignee is making a payment to creditors, a distribution fee is charged based on the number of creditors.

Distribution fee based on number of creditors

 Number of Creditors   Distribution Fee
 < 10   €500
 < 20  €1,000
  20 +