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Back on track debtor guides

  Backontrack_Dealing_with_Problem_Debt_Cover Back On Track Dealing with Problem Debt Guide 2014 (PDF size 200KB) Adobe PDF

 Backontrack DRN Cover Back On Track DRN Guide 2014 (PDF size 131KB)  Adobe PDF

 Backontrack_DSA_Cover Back On Track DSA Guide 2014 (PDF size 133KB)  Adobe PDF

 Backontrack_PIA_Cover Back On Track PIA Guide 201 (PDF size 142KB)  Adobe PDF


Revised detailed guides - October 2014

 DRN Cover 2014Detailed Guide to the DRN - revised October 2014 (PDF size 351KB)  Adobe PDF

 DSA_Cover Detailed Guide to the DSA - revised October 2014 (PDF size 401KB)  Adobe PDF

 PIA_Cover Detailed Guide to the PIA - revised October 2014 (PDF size 362KB)  Adobe PDF


 Trifold brochure

Trifold - December 2013
 Adobe PDF(PDF size 374KB)



 Guide to the RLE 2014 coverTEST 

Guidelines to Reasonable Living Expenses - Version 3 July 2014

 Adobe PDF (PDF size 1,509KB)  

Following enactment of The Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013, small changes were made to the DRN section in the document below. This latest version was issued in February 2014 and also includes the new bankruptcy scenarios.
 The complete scenarios from the ISI released dec 2013
The complete set of scenarios, March 2014
 Adobe PDF(PDF size 1,348KB) (LARGE FILE)

Following enactment of The Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013, small changes were made to the DRN document below. This latest version was issued in January 2014.
 Cover for DRN senarios  

DRN Scenarios reissued January 2014
 Adobe PDF(PDF size 417KB)


 Cover for DRN step by step guide 

DRN step by step example

 Adobe PDF (Adobe PDF Size 280 KB)

 DSA_Senario Revenue cover_CoverSm 

DSA Scenarios June 2013
 Adobe PDF (PDF Size 586KB)


 DSA_Senario Revenue cover_CoverSm  

DSA Scenario Revenue Involvement June 2013
 Adobe PDF (PDF Size 452KB)


 Cover for DSA step by step guide 

DSA step by step example
 Adobe PDF(PDF Size 220 KB)


 Cover for PIA senarios 

PIA Scenarios 1 to 5
Various up to June 2013
 Adobe PDF (PDF Size 820KB)


 Cover for PIA senarios

PIA Scenario 6 
Split Mortgage August 2013
 Adobe PDF (PDF Size 1034KB)


  Cover for PIA senarios 

PIA Scenario 7
Contingent liabilities - February 2014
 Adobe PDF(PDF size 513KB)


  Cover for PIA senarios 

PIA Scenario 8
Relationship breakdown - February 2014
 Adobe PDF (PDF size 523KB)


 Cover for PIA step by step guide 

PIA step by step example August 2013
 Adobe PDF (PDF Size 1,322 KB)



New Sample PIA

The ISI drafted the below sample PIA and in August 2013 put it out for public consultation so as to offer stakeholders the opportunity to review it and highlight any changes or additions to the draft they considered would contribute to the smooth introduction of the new debt reliefs provided by under the Act.  As a result of the consultation, the ISI has made changes to the draft and now publishes a sample PIA which shows possible content and structure of a PIA based on a specific scenario (link to scenario three on page 15).

The example sets out a sample layout and content for a PIA and is not intended to be binding.  The terms and conditions will change according to the circumstances of a particular case.  A personal insolvency practitioner ("PIP") is responsible for formulating a PIA and may use a different layout and text, as he or she considers appropriate to any individual insolvency case to which he or she may be appointed, subject to, and in accordance with, the requirements of the Act.

The ISI has also prepared a response document which sets out the main issues arising as a result of the consultation.  Our intention in doing this is to explain the thinking behind the changes we have introduced to the document since the initial draft.
The ISI retains a medium term objective to agree a protocol involving creditors and practitioners similar to the IVA protocol that exists in the UK which has resulted in high levels of creditor acceptances.  We plan to begin this initiative early in 2014.

PIA explanatory document (PDF size 103KB)  Adobe PDF

Sample PIA (PDF size 190KB)  Adobe PDF

Following enactment of The Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013, small changes were made to the bankruptcy documents below. These latest versions were issued in February 2014.


Debtors guide to bankruptcy

 Adobe PDF (PDF size 391KB)


 Bankruptcy Scenarios 

Bankruptcy Scenarios 
 Adobe PDF (PDF size 680KB)

The above now include the two new scenarios below.


 Image of the front of the notes for bankruptcy forms

Notes on how to fill out the forms for bankruptcy

 Adobe PDF (PDF 446KB)


  Bankruptcy Scenarios 

Bankruptcy Scenario 4
 Adobe PDF(PDF size 405KB)


  Bankruptcy Scenarios 

Bankruptcy Scenario 5
 Adobe PDF  (PDF size 403KB)


  The front cover of the statistics Q1 page  

ISI Statistics 2014 Quarter 1
(PDF size 431KB)
   Adobe PDF


  The front cover of the statistics Q2 page  

ISI Statistics 2014 Quarter 2
(PDF size 431KB)
   Adobe PDF


   The front cover of the statistics Q3 page  

ISI Statistics 2014 Quarter 3
(PDF size 431KB)
   Adobe PDF



Annual Report

   The front cover of the ISI Annual Report 2013 page  

ISI Annual Report 2013
(PDF size 2338KB)
   Adobe PDF