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Finalised Protocols



The Standard DSA and PIA protocol documents incorporate standard terms which should suit the majority of cases:

Standard DSA Protocol July 2016  Word

Standard PIA Protocol July 2016  Word


**Both the Standard DSA and PIA Protocols were updated on 4 July 2016**

The ISI has summarised the changes made to both Protocols below:

Summary of Changes to Protocols July 2016 15X15



The Principles document below contains the over-arching aims of the both the DSA and PIA Protocol and sets out the high level agreement reached by the Debt Solutions Protocol Steering Group on the issues:

Standard Debt Solutions Protocol Principles July 2016  15X15

** The Principles document has been updated to refer to the updated Protocols**


Case Study

To give an idea of how these documents will work in practice the ISI has populated a Standard DSA and PIA Proposal:

Frank Fortescue Standard DSA Proposal  15X15

Gordon Greene Standard PIA Proposal  15X15


PIA/Bankruptcy Comparison Template

The following PIA/Bankruptcy Comparison template was agreed by the Protocol Oversight Committee.

PIA v Bankruptcy Comparison Template


Video Guides

The ISI has developed YouTube videos to guide you through the processes, links to which are here:

Standard DSA Protocol July 2014 Version Video Youtube logo

Standard PIA Protocol March 2015 Version Video  Youtube logo


Post Approval Documents

The Debt Solutions Protocol Steering Group also prepared documents which can be used by practitioners post approval of an arrangement.  These include notifications of the results of meetings of creditors, periodic reviews, variations, etc.  While the use of such standard documents is not a requirement, it should bring benefits to both practitioners and creditors and is strongly encouraged.

Post Approval Documentation PIA  Excel

Post Approval Documentation DSA  Excel


Archived Protocols & Principles (Previous Versions - Before update July 2016)

Standard DSA Protocol July 2014 Word

Standard PIA Protocol March 2015  Word

Standard Debt Solutions Protocol Principles March 2015  15X15